Angie Visits 2 Minneapolis Parks

About a week and a half ago, I decided that for our next “Angie Adventure” we would go to William Berry Park. (An Angie Adventure is when I take her for a car ride and then let her explore a neighborhood or park she hasn’t been to. )Berry_Park_Map

William Berry Park is one of those parks that people in Minneapolis have a hard time placing. It’s a small wooded, hilly area between the very popular Lake Calhoun Park and Lake Harriet Park.  What remains  of the Como-Harriet Streetcar track runs through the park.



After pulling me down a hill, Angie is now adamant that we find out what is up these stairs. She had an easier time getting under the chain blocking access from the top than I did.

The only people we saw in the park were people with dogs and we met them all: one dog was only 4 months old, one was 7 years old and one was 17. Angie didn’t stay still enough for me to even attempt to take another picture until…


After over a half hour of following Angie around, we ended up coming back through the trolley tracks  and were very close to the car. Angie wouldn’t budge. She didn’t pull but she made it clear that she  wasn’t going to willingly move unless we went the opposite direction. We headed south into Lake Harriet Park and I’m very glad we did.


I never would have seen this very rare Minneapolis occurrence, flowers blooming in November, if we had gone the way I had wanted.

Angie@Lake Harriet
Angie stopped one last time and we watched the fishing boat out on the lake. Lake_Harriet

I decided to check out one of my seldom used apps, Artista Impresso, and see if any of my blurry photos could be improved enough to include. Not quite “stroke-filled Impressionist masterpieces” but not bad.

Artista Impresso #1


Artista Impresso #2




Camera Critters

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T is for Tail Wagging

From 2010…

From 2013: Angie next door  at Aldo’s house. I’m not sure where Aldo is.

From 2012: Angie makes a new friend at the final “Dog Days at the Dome”

A is for Angie

Wow, I’ve posted a bunch times about my dog Angie (aka Angelina, Diva Terrier, Baby Girl,…). You can see all 42 by clicking on the label Angie on the right side of the page or just clicking here.  A couple of my favorites…

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Angie and Aldo

Angie’s best friend, Aldo, has been staying with us for the last (almost) 2 weeks while his family is off on a Canadian adventure / Alaskan tour. The amount of dog hair/fur on that comforter makes me almost think I should take up Knitting with Dog Hair!

Otherwise, Aldo has been a very good house guest.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go Twins!

A friend gave Angie this Twins shirt, unfortunately it’s just a bit too small. She’ll just have to show her Twins support with the #7 on her back.

Nicollet Island

Angie and I walked around Nicollet Island today. We didn’t meet any people or dogs but we had a good time. It was a perfect day for a leisurely walk and neither of us had been there before. Angie spent  most of her time sniffing while I took pictures. Unfortunately we never wanted to move at the same time so I ended up with quite a few blurry photos.

Somewhat hard to believer that in 25 years of living in Minneapolis, I’ve never walked over the Merriam Street Bridge.

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Angie at Powderhorn Park

I took this picture of Angie at Powderhorn Park yesterday morning, before it got too hot for me to take her for a walk. I did not violate Minneapolis’ leash law to take this picture. I used the Free Retouch app for my phone to make her leash disappear. Then I used the Snapseed App to brighten the picture up a bit.

This is the original photo.

Now if you look at the first photo it’s pretty easy to see where I removed the leash.   I should have fixed the exposure first. Since I’m already a day late posting to Camera Critters, I’ll try to remember that the next time I decide to remove something from a photo on my phone.

Camera Critters

A Visit to Minnehaha Park

I took Angie over to Minnehaha Park the other day. She met 10 dogs, 3 little kids asked if they could pet her (which of course they could), and I got into discussions with 2 different families about what kind of dog they thought she is. This picture was taken after she had met all but 1 of the dogs so she’s a bit tired.

I let Angie lead the way most of the time. We parked in the free lot a bit upstream from the falls. Angie wasn’t interested in going down the path so I could get a better picture of the statue of Longfellow in the middle of the field.

She was very interested in going down the stairs to see the falls. A couple was having official engagement pictures taken but I managed to get one picture of the falls. 
And finally here is  a picture of Angie and one of the dogs she met that day.
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Camera Critters

Camera Critters 4-273

Angie and Aldo

Angie’s best friend, Aldo, has been staying with us for the last (almost) 2 weeks while his family is off on a Canadian adventure / Alaskan tour. The amount of dog hair/fur on that comforter makes me almost think I should take up Knitting with Dog Hair!

Otherwise, Aldo has been a very good house guest. To see more pictures of animals around the world, just click on the picture below

Camera Critters

Sorry I missed last week. We lost our power for 37 1/2 hours and the tower for my cell phone provider was also down!

Camera Critters 2-270

I’ve been planning all week to take a picture of my dog Angie to add to this weeks Camera Critters and finally got around to it this afternoon.

I probably should have walked the 8 steps from the deck down to the yard to take the picture because she looks a bit distorted.  Still cute, just not in actual proportion.

Sorry for ignoring everyone’s comments this past week. When I made some other changes last week I also did something that resulted in comments not showing up (at least not to me).

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