Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday was the the 129th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge which is barely visible in this picture from our vacation. The photo was taken by an old roommate and band mate of Jimmy’s who now lives in NYC and met us at Ellis Island. Even though I’m wearing sunglasses, it was a very dreary day.

I found the most interesting pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge in the online collection of the Brooklyn Public Library.

 Aerial view of the Brooklyn Bridge, including a portion of the East River and a section of Brooklyn in the background, taken just after opening in 1883.
 Engraving of a man related to the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge which opened in 1883, riding on seat suspended from cable.
Close-up of inner structure and trolley tracks on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Aerial view taken from Brooklyn Bridge with street lamp in left foreground, several pedestrians on right, and many buildings in background.