Jimmy and I went to Arizona in the spring of 2013. While there, I  wrote a couple of short posts about  the Musical Instrument Museum and Desert Wildlife.  A few months later I wrote about our visit to Goldfield Ghost Town.

But of course, numerous photos  from our vacation were just copied over to my computer and I never got around to posting about many of the places we saw. (Even with a whole month of posts about our trip to Washington DC, I didn’t mention every place we went.)
For the last couple of months, one of my new tasks at work is to develop “finds” for the children’s area of the library. A find consists of 10  numbered pictures in a theme which are hung in obvious or somewhat hidden spots, a sheet to mark off when you spot a picture, and a reward stickers for finding all the items (the pictures printed on labels). It’s easiest to do this starting out with my vacation photos.
For the latest find, I started with pictures from Goldfield Ghost Town. Since I didn’t have 10 unique pictures that I thought a child would like, I also included some pictures from a couple of places in Scottsdale.
McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale AZ
March 2013

Although the preserve has more than 100 miles of trails, we didn’t have much time and stayed on one of the shorter trails. Unfortunately I can’t remember which one. It’s very pretty and you don’t have to walk far to see some gorgeous views.

Since preschoolers also like horses and cowboys, I also included a couple of pictures I took the day I looked at art in Scottsdale and Jimmy went to the US vs. Canada World Series of Baseball game with his cousins. These pictures are from Scottsdale’s  public art walking tour. I also went to the Scottsdale Arts Festival (which just happened to be going on that weekend) and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Bronze Horse Fountain
by Bob Parks
Passing the Legacy
by Herb Mignery