Rock Star Arrests

Trashing rooms, indecent exposure, drugs busts…getting arrested is practically a rite of passage for any musician at some point in their careers. We want to see how well you remember these infamous rock star run-ins with the law. Just match the scandal to the correct offender!

You get 10 seconds to answer each question, your results will include both the number you get correct and a score based on how quickly you selected correct answers.

Click here to take the quiz. I got 7 out of 10 correctly and scored 43,963.


Y is for Yogi Bear and Yellowstone National Park

Of all the posts I’ve written, this one has received the most views.

Originally posted April 2012  (just modified slightly since the cartoon included in the previous post is no longer available.)


I know that Yogi is a cartoon bear who lived in an imaginary park named Jellystone,  but every time I hear something about Yellowstone the first thing I think is “That’s where Yogi lives!”

I remember looking at pictures like these from National Geographic magazine

Photograph by Dean Conger
Photograph by Andrew H. Brown

more photos at National Geographic Classic Yellowstone Photo Gallery.

and watching this cartoon on TV.

Somehow the two memories were combined into something close to this article that was published the summer I turned 4. (You can double click on the images to make the article larger if you want to read it.)

images of article via Neato Coolville

V is for Vintage Photos of Automobile Accidents

I originally posted this on  June 15, 2012,  It ranks #5 on my top viewed posts of all time and is far more popular than any of my posts of vintage photos of dogs.


EDW Lynch posted Vintage Photos of Auto Accidents in Boston (1920s-1950s) from the Boston Public Library’s collection today at Laughing Squid. That collection has nearly 1,000 auto accident photographs.

The  Minneapolis Photo Collection is much smaller. There are only 107 photos with a subject heading of Traffic accident.  I’ve driven through all of these intersections on my way to work. (It’s about a 3 mile drive and my exact route varies based on construction, weather, emergency vehicles, other drivers, etc)

Fire engine has been overturned. Front of the streetcar has been torn off.
(many  photos of injured firemen and streetcar passengers are also in the collection)

Address: 35th St at Bryant Ave S Mpls MN
Photographer: Seubert 
Source: Minneapolis Times 1/28/48 
Distance: .7 miles
Grimmer was blinded by the sun, hit Wells who was thrown from the car and killed. Wagon from the city morgue at left.
Address: Blaisdell Ave S at 31st St Mpls MN
Source: Minneapolis Journal 8/13/38
Distance: .6 miles

Victim is not identified.
Address: 34th St at Emerson Ave S Mpls MN
Source: Minneapolis Times 7/4/46 
Distance: 1.0 mile
Address: Stevens Ave at 31st St E Mpls MN
Source: Minneapolis Tribune 2/26/46 
Distance: .6 miles

I’ve been working at a different location the last 3 days and drive through this intersection.
Two drivers were slightly injured.
Address: Calhoun Blvd at Richfield Rd Mpls MN
Source: Minneapolis Times 10/28/48 
I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before that a number of years ago I volunteered at the Minneapolis Photo collection.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. After organizing old newspaper clippings for about 1/2 hour I’d start sneezing and have to go home.

U is for Universal Record Database

Not everyone can win an Olympic medal and not everyone can set a Guinness World record. But everyone (who chooses) can add a record to the Universal Records Database.

Back in December 2008 I posted a video showing Todd Lamb setting a world record for the  Most Images Of Fish Sandwiches Looked At In One Minute. That record stood for a little over a month…

New York City, New York, United States / February 11, 2009

Todd Lamb won back the title in a category he originally created by looking at 60 images of fish sandwiches in one minute, a new world record. His performace broke the previous record of 57 held by 91X Morning Show[] radio DJ Carlos Montoya.

Lamb was aided by his assistant Marcus Livesay, who prepared by donning surgical gloves and chugging a Jolt. The feat was achieved at a World Record Appreciation Society event on February 11, 2009 in New York City. Corey Henderson was on hand to document and count the images.

Universal Record Database Record History
Most Images of Fish Sandwiches Looked at in One Minute

Click here to see video documentation of each event. It’s very easy to search the Universal Records Database, just enter a search term in the box at the upper right corner and click on the search icon. Once you register, you can set a world record in pretty much anything you want including:

Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One’s Face – 13:44.64 min/sec

Fastest Time To Check In A Shopping Cart Full Of Books At A Public Library – 04:21.17 min/sec

Fastest Time To Knit A Scarf And Wrap It Around An Iguana In A Prius –
09:18.63 min/sec

S is for Sears, Spiegel (and Other) Christmas Catalogs

First posted about in  December 2011

In the years before the Internet took over Christmas shopping, everyone I knew would spend hours browsing through the Christmas catalog. Those things were huge and the variety of items available was amazing. I remember spending hours going through the catalog before making my list for Santa.

The people at  Wish Book Web have scanned in every page from a wide selection of Christmas Catalogs. Below are some pages from the oldest catalog scanned the (1933 Spiegel Christmas Catalog [64 pages]) and the  latest catalog scanned  (the 1988 Sears Christmas Catalog  [676 pages]). The similarity of the woman’s coat from 1988 to the ones from 1933 is amazing.

P is for Pandas at the Zoo

In 2014, I wrote all of my A to Z posts about my vacation in Washington DC. For P the topic was Washington DC, A to Z: Pandas at the Zoo. You can read that post by clicking on the link. We had a great time and learned a bunch of interesting things about pandas and I took some cute pictures of the mom and dad, but the little baby panda didn’t wake up the whole time we watched. (Which was long enough for the mom to eat 1 1/2 entire bamboo trees, click on the link for more information about that.)

The only picture I was able to get of Bao Bao, the baby panda.

Fortunately, the Smithsonian has posted some very cute videos of Bao Bao over the past year.

O is for Obedience School Dogs

Originally posted April 17, 2013.  The Library of Congress isn’t the only site with wonderful historic photos.

 Albert Mize — 7 years; dog “Midgie”
Dog Obedience Classes
 Santa Anita,  June 1, 1951
Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection, 1950-1961
Property of the University of  Southern California

Dog Trials
May 9, 1954
Photographer: Forbes

Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection, 1950-1961
Property of the University of  Southern California

  Pat Merrifield — 6½ years old — with dog “Mike”
Dog Obedience Classes
Lynwood, April 15, 1951
Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection, 1950-1961
Property of the University of  Southern California

Source of Photographs:

All photos via the University of Southern California Digital Library, Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection, 1950-1961.  USCDL users are free to post, cite and link back to USCDL content on personal, non-commercial blogs without asking for permission.