D is for Darryl

I guess you don’t really own a dog, you rent them, and you have to be thankful that you had a long lease.¬†
– Joe Garagiola

Both Darryl’s 14th and 15th birthdays were highlighted on this blog. ¬†Jimmy and I still miss him every day. My favorites of the photo’s previously shared on this blog.

Darryl with just a few of his many stuffies.

In his youth, Darryl could dance on his hind legs and touch his tongue to his nose at the same time!
Darryl freshly shaved for summer 2008.
Darryl before he got that haircut.
The way I remember Darryl looking most often.

Remembering Darryl

Today would have been Darryl’s 16th Birthday. Jimmy and I spent a lot of time today looking at old photos. This one is our favorite. The others made us laugh.

Darryl is at least 5 years old in this picture. He had just gotten his mid summer haircut. He looks so much like a puppy.

This was obviously taken in the winter. Darryl’s hair is long and I’m wearing 2 sweaters. It is amazing that Jimmy was able to snap a picture when Darryl’s tongue was fully extended.

It must have been a very long winter for Darryl’s hair to grow this long. This was taken right before he went to the groomers. Jimmy pointed out that he looks like King Moonracer (from the island of misfit toys).

This picture was taken when Darryl was 10. His eyes are strange but it really does look like he’s laughing.

We miss him very much. He was an amazing dog.


I meant to post this last summer… Jimmy was priming the house before painting it. He called me out to see the graffiti. I put the 100 or so photos of Darryl that were on my computer up on flikr yesterday. At some point I’ll scan in those that we took in the 9 or so years before I got a digital camera and put them up too. (There’s not quite so many of them).

Little Darryl Stubblefield

This is the last picture I took of Darryl. He was an amazing dog.

He was his normal, puppy acting 15 year old self until he had a massive stroke this morning. He was cuddled up to me listening to Jimmy talk when it happened. He died on my lap on the way to the vet.

He had a bad heart and stomach problems. We thought he didn’t have long to live years ago. Then we thought he just might make it for another couple of years.

My parents (his grandparents who he always stayed with when we went out of town) were with us.

Darryl really hated being alone. He also hated going to the vet. He liked listening to us talk, cuddling and riding in cars.

Darryl Turns 15!

This is the same video I posted before, but I put into youtube since I found out that the video didn’t work for at least one person who can see the youtube videos.

If you have a slow connection and can’t see youtube videos, you probably won’t be able to see this either. I tried putting it up for a slow connection, but the video was so blurry you couldn’t even see Darryl.

If you’ve seen the video before, double click…the list of related videos is pretty funny.

And if for some reason, it gets stuck. Double click and play it from the youtube site.