Medieval Maps

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I’ve always thought Medieval maps were very beautiful and their lack of accuracy interesting. The level of accuracy does improve the smaller the area being mapped which makes this weeks quiz from possible.

 How good are your geography skills? Try to identify these 15 places based on how they are depicted in medieval maps

Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my score.


Put Your German Skills to the Test

Test your German language skills with  The Local’s German odd word out quiz. You will be given a German word  and  four possible English translations. Three of the English words are correct translations for the German word and one is incorrect. You have to select the wrong answer. Good Luck! 

You will be asked to set up an account but it’s not required to take the quiz. I did not set up an account.  I think there are 10 questions and you get more points if you answer quickly. Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my score.

Although I took German in high school and college, I did not do very well in those courses and really don’t remember much.  For this quiz I relied on my knowledge of the English words.

Are You a Global Condiments Connoisseur?

Con·di·ment: Something used to enhance the flavor of food; especially: a pungent seasoning.

Whether you’re chowing down on a burger, a bánh mì, or a burrito, chances are, there’s a condiment on hand to kick up the flavor to the next level. Are you canny about international condiments? Prove your on-the-side smarts with this fun food quiz!

Click here to take the quiz. You’ll need a perfect score to beat me.

How could “The Mayor of Flavortown” not remind me of one of my favorite songs from 1989, so I’ll leave off with this charming video

Medical Abbreviations

Proof that I have no ability to multitask. I have completely ignored this blog and other things in order to complete Donna’s 23 Mobile Things and meet the deadline of Midnight today. I’ll be posting the fun highlights here. But for now plan to get back to everything else besides trying out Android apps and writing up evaluations!
For now on to the quiz of the day.

These terms may have been shortened, but they have major meaning and save lives on a consistent basis. Operate on our quiz to highlight your knowledge of medical abbreviations. Whether you have extensive or small smarts about these terms this test is for you.

Click here to take the quiz.

I received this certificate for my efforts and was feeling pretty good about  it.

Then I saw that my even though I got this snazzy Certificate of Achievement I had failed the quiz. I only did as well as I did because my mother was a nurse and used some of these abbreviations in the notes she left for us.

Your Result
Result »    Fail

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69  /  100 Points ( 69% )
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20 Questions
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9 Questions
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Endangered Animals Quiz

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I’ve just been very busy evaluating Android apps for a continuing education thing I signed up for and then forgot about. The completion date is June 15. After that I’ll only have to post here which is far more entertaining!

Can you believe it’s been a little over a year since I resolved to post a quiz every Sunday? Hope you have enjoyed at least a few of them.  I plan on continuing to post a quiz every Sunday on this blog until the Internet runs out of quizzes or Google gets rid of Blogger.

The answer to the first question in this weeks quiz is in my Letter P post for this years A-Z challenge. Hope you get that one right!

The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad. Where do we stand? Face the facts with this quiz.

Click here to go to National Geographic and take the quiz. I scored 80% (8 out of 10 correct) which earned me “Congratulations”.

Are You Well-Read Enough To Pass This Quiz On The Classics?

Did you Sparknote your way through English lit, or did you really do your reading? Did you merely do the assigned reading, or did you devour every classic novel you could get your hands on? Test your knowledge, oh bookish one, with this quiz!

Click here to go to the quiz. (Click the key icon when you’re done to see the answers.)

For never having taken English lit or American lit I think I did OK. I’m pretty sure almost ever other librarian does better!

Know Your Knees

This weeks quiz comes from Web MD. I was looking up something totally unrelated to my knees when I noticed the link to this quiz on the sidebar.

There are 12 questions  (multiple choice or true /false) and you get immediate feedback with an explanation of the correct answer.

Click here to take the quiz.

With a score of 75% (9 out of 12) I got the following ranking:

You’re the bee’s knees! You know a lot about those joints. Great job!

This bee has red knees!
source: Wikimedia

Pet Sounds: The NPR Music Critter Quiz

Since it’s Sunday, A to Z is on a break and it’s time for the quiz of the week.

This quiz is from Deceptive Cadence, an NPR blog hosted by Tom Huizenga.

Roberto A. Sanchez/
Animals are fun to pet. They also make great guest appearances in music.

From as far back as we can tell, music makers have been inspired by the flora and especially the fauna around us. From tooting tunes on actual animal horns and bones, to musical portraits of creatures large and small, performers and composers of all stripes have included critters in their creations. In this puzzler, you must identify the creature depicted in the music. Score high and feel like you can “talk to the animals.” Score low and you’re in the doghouse.

Click here to take the quiz and try to beat my score.

Two Library Related Quizzes for National Library Week

At the time this post shows up, National Library Week will be over. But as I’m writing this, it’s still going on. To celebrate  I’m sharing  two quizzes this week.

Quiz #1
I would have much rather posted a quiz titled “Which Library of Congress Call Number Are You?” but I couldn’t find one.

Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?

We know you love your library! Ever wonder what it would be like to become a book? Where would you be in the library? Which Dewey Decimal number would you be given? Take this quiz to find out!  

Created by EasyBib!

The format of this quiz will look extremely familiar to many people. It was created with PlayBuzz
This quiz requires absolutely no knowledge of  the Dewey Decimal Classification. If it did, I would have had to guess on every question. This is how I did.

 You got the 000’s – Generalities! You have a passion for general knowledge and information. You love locating information in books, reference works, and on the computer. You also enjoy keeping up to date with current events. Let’s face it, information is your life! And you love it!

Click here to take the quiz and here if you want to create your own Buzz Quiz.

Quiz #2
Every day The Guardian posts a 10 question quiz on its website. Every Friday, they post a quiz submitted by readers. In this quiz, Leigh Billings and Mya Gosling test you on everything you might know about libraries.

How Much Do You Know About Libraries?

I really thought I would do better than 6 out of a possible 10! Well at least I beat the average score of 4. The interpretation of a score of 6 is:

Very good – you’re probably not a librarian, but I bet you’ve spent your fair share of time in them

Click here to take the quiz.  If anyone gets a 7, please do let me know if that makes you “probably a librarian”.

 If you would like a chance to set one of the weekly quizzes on The Guardian, email 10 questions to along with your name, and they may be used in the weekly Friday readers’ edition