The Ultimate Poultry Quiz

Rooster Looking Left

Rooster Looking Right

A couple of weeks ago, the city of Minneapolis eased rules for keeping chickens. and last week I came across a quiz about backyard chickens. So even though I only got one question on that quiz right, I decided to dig out some old photos and post it.

I had absolutely no idea how much chickens / roosters  bob their heads until we stopped by the rooster crowing contest at the Minnesota State Fair a couple of years ago.  I’m lucky  that these two stopped pacing their cages long enough for me to get in focus pictures. The head bobbing is an  Everyday Mystery, the pacing might have been due to the strange environment.

Well, when I went to post that quiz the link had disappeared. So although this quiz from “How Stuff Works” loads very slowly, it’s this weeks quiz.

Click here to take The Ultimate Poultry Quiz and see if you can beat my score of 14 out of 20.

See previous post Cock-a-Doodle-Doo  for smaller pictures of more roosters.





I had no idea how many types of  roosters there were until Jimmy and I slowly walked through the Poultry Barn at the Minnesota State Fair this year. This is only a small sample of the roosters, the list of winning birds in the Competition Results is 45 pages long. Since it’s organized by breed I’m not sure how many roosters  were in that barn.

The roosters above were included because:

  • They weren’t pecking the ground so I could get a shot of their face
  • They didn’t try to approach my phone when I held it up to the cage (to get a picture without bars in front)
  • Their heads were still enough to get a non-blurry shot.
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A Day At The State Fair

Jimmy and I went to the fair today. We got a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book for the first time. My new favorites are the walleye cakes and breakfast crepes. I should have skipped the fried fruit on a stick.We watched the IRONJACK timber team show. It’s the same show every year but it’s entertaining and you get to sit down and yell. We always sit on the south side and our team always looses.
The sheep were in disguise. Judging starts tomorrow morning. They all got sheered today and are being kept as clean as possible for tomorrow.

Ye Old Mill has been updated. Some of the displays now include a sign that it’s the 96th year. I wonder what they’ll do for the 100th?