The Great Minnesota Get Together

This weeks quiz is about the Minnesota State Fair and it’s not easy. The Minnesota State Fair is one of the nation’s largest, has the greatest daily attendance, and has a very long history.


Click here to take the quiz. I’ve gone to the fair around 40 times and I only got 7 out of 10 correct. You may be able to beat my score by guessing!


Odd One Out

Another quiz from the Oxford  Words blog.

In each question, three of the titles were written by one author, while the fourth was written by somebody else. Can you identify which book is the odd one out?

Click here to take the quiz. I only got 8 out of 10 correct. If I worked somewhere other than the adult section of a small public library branch, I would have done much worse.

Twitter Acronyms


Week 2 in a row where I stumbled across a quiz related to my work life. I will soon occasionally  be tweeting about things happening at my library.So after  The only things I’ve tweeted in the 3 1/2 years since joining up have been contest entries. (I didn’t win). On to the quiz.

If you live your best life on social media, there’s a possibility you’ll ace our quiz on Twitter acronyms and initialisms. If you’re still a bit cautious around social media, then some of these might trip you up…

While you’ll see these all over the Internet, their popularity on Twitter means we didn’t have to look far to find tweeters who’d used them.

Click here to take the quiz.  I got 100% which was a surprise. I was expecting a more difficult quiz from Oxford Word blog. But it’s not like I’ll remember them when it comes time to use them!

Which Architectural Style Are You?

I worked on a someone complicated information service question the other day. A man wanted to know how to have the Minneapolis Building shown below added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Renaissance Revival Style

The reason he called the small branch library where I work is he found out that Joseph V. Vanderbilt was the architect for both properties and that my small branch library had already been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

linden Hills 1931

Linden Hills Library c1931, Tudor Revival style

On to the somewhat related quiz from the National Trust for Historic Preservation..

Like people, buildings have unique personalities. Their styles can tell us a lot about when and where they were made, what regions of the world influenced them, and what intellectual, cultural, or ideological movement inspired them.

So which architectural style matches your personality the best?

Click here to find out!

I am Queen Anne. Not a surprise, I’ve been fascinated by these types of houses since I was a child. The only thing is, I’d only want to live in one if I had a paid staff to take care of it.

Your preferences lean Victorian. Queen Anne style is a form of Victorian that was most popular in 1880-1910. Queen Anne homes have irregularly shaped pitched roofs with front facing gables. Patterned shingles, terracotta panels, and oriel bay windows are among the most recognizable traits. Queen Anne houses also often have wraparound porches and towers.


The Carson Mansion located in Eureka, California is considered one of the finest examples of American Queen Anne style architecture. via Wikipedia



Can you identify what America is truly great at?

This week’s quiz is from Wonkblog, a blog hosted by the Washington Post.

So much talk, this election cycle, about America’s alleged greatness or lack thereof. We here at Wonkblog love to quantify things, and while we can’t (yet) provide a definitive answer about whether America is, was, or will ever be *truly* great, there are nonetheless any number of measurable things that the United States is indisputably the world champion of.

To that end, celebrate July 4th by taking our simple 10-question quiz to find out how much you, dear reader, really know about the things that make America #1.

Click here to take the quiz. My score was 5 out of 10.

You love America a little bit, I guess, but probably not as much as you should. Vladimir Putin is laughing at you.

And  the question about the best state was a gimme! I did have to click the link to find out why it’s at #1.

Are you a *true* Minnesotan?

OK, I realize that, at first, this quiz might not have much interest to anyone who doesn’t live here. But you never know…

You will be shown 50 items. Just click the boxes of those you have ever done. Make sure you scroll down far enough on the first page to get to where you can click on this box


In over 40 years of living in Minnesota, I’ve only done 27 of these things.Two-thirds of the people that have taken this quiz (probably almost all  Minnesotans) have done more.

Click here to get to the quiz  from the website of the newspaper from the other side of the river.


Can you guess which celebrity is shorter?

Sometimes, it seems as if celebrities are superhuman.

They make going to the grocery store look like a red carpet event. They attend lavish parties where expensive champagne is as ubiquitous as water. And when they step in front of a camera, they carry themselves as if they were 10 feet tall.

But in reality, they’re just like us — save for a lot more money and a total lack of privacy. And no, they’re not all the long-legged regal spiders that we make them out to be. But that doesn’t make them any less talented and successful. In fact, three-time Oscar nominated actor Tom Cruise stands at 5 feet 7 inches. The late and great R&B/funk/rock/pop superstar Prince was a mere 5 foot 2 inches.

PrettyFamous, a Graphiq site, scoured its celebrities database and found the heights of the most famous stars. They’re putting the biggest celebrity know-it-alls to the test and challenge you to determine which celebrity is shorter. But be careful — it’s easy to walk tall when you have fame to prop you up.


Click here and pick which celebrity (of two) is shortest. I only got 40% correct. You will probably do better.

Shakespeare and the supernatural

Another quiz from Oxford Word Blog.


Shakespeare might have had a fondness for kings and unlikely coincidences featuring twins, but he also wasn’t averse to a ghost every now and then. There are plenty of supernatural elements in his plays, from revenge hauntings to magic spells and the occasional statue that comes to life.

We’ve taken some of Shakespeare’s ghostliest lines and taken out a word or two. Test your knowledge of the Bard and see if you can spot which words are missing… and let us know how you do!

Click here to take the quiz. I got 4 out of 8 correct which is better than expected. The only Shakespeare that I’ve managed to read is Hamlet which was required for a class a took in high school and another I took in college. But if I would have thought about the characters more I would have gotten at least one more correct.

Are You Any Good at Recognizing Familiar Faces?


Much has been said about the awkwardness of meeting someone once, and then meeting them a second time — only to embarrass yourself because it’s obvious you’d forgotten about that first introduction. Less, though, has been said about the opposite kind of embarrassment: Memorizing a person’s face in an instant, and being able to recall it later even if you only met once, and briefly at that.

Such is the everyday creepiness of life as a super-recognizer, a term coined by researchers at Harvard and University College London to describe people who are uncommonly skilled at face perception.

You can test your own skill at facial recognition, through this test Science of Us has adapted with permission from University of Greenwich psychologist Josh Davis:

Click here to take the quiz. You will probably do much better than I, only 6.73% of people taking this quiz did worse!

(I have trouble recognizing faces in real life too!)