Rock Star Arrests

Trashing rooms, indecent exposure, drugs busts…getting arrested is practically a rite of passage for any musician at some point in their careers. We want to see how well you remember these infamous rock star run-ins with the law. Just match the scandal to the correct offender!

You get 10 seconds to answer each question, your results will include both the number you get correct and a score based on how quickly you selected correct answers.

Click here to take the quiz. I got 7 out of 10 correctly and scored 43,963.


4 thoughts on “Rock Star Arrests

  1. I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one. Another thing I pay no attention to. Music, and tabloidy things. But I got 7/10, 38715 points. One of those I got correct because the website was so slow it read not the thing I clicked. A mistake in my favor.


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