Is Your OCD Radar Sensitive Enough To Notice The Most Subtle Differences? 

This week’s quiz is from the website Sun Gazing which has nothing to do with staring into the sun. Actually, based on a brief review, I have no idea what this website is…After taking this quiz,  I skimmed the about page; from the stated mission I expected deeper content. This was actually a relief. If I found this quiz on an authoritative website I might be worried by my results.

While only a doctor can determine and diagnose you with OCD, there are other ways to explore and see how OCD you may be. This quiz is one of them. It looks at how your eyes, brain, and mind evaluate certain images and examines how you experience different levels of disorder. If you don’t have OCD then practically all of the shapes that follow in this quiz will appear to be identical. Even so, one of them is different in either shape, color, or position, so try your eyes at it now and see how sensitive your OCD radar is!

Click here to take this nonscientific quiz.




4 thoughts on “Is Your OCD Radar Sensitive Enough To Notice The Most Subtle Differences? 

  1. Ok me…OCD???? Hahahaaa…I got 100% as well and I know I don’t spot the little differences since my hubby always points that out. He is OCD and ADHD. I should continue with M O U S E🐭


  2. They didn’t ask if the differences bothered you. They only asked if you could see them. And they didn’t give you a chance to say that there was no difference. So, I’m not worried about my 100%. I know I have a touch of OCD, but nothing serious.


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