The Monkees

Last week I couldn’t find a quiz worth posting. Although some weeks the quiz isn’t that interesting or fun, I do try to find a quiz that isn’t depressing, trivial (“Which Pokémon Are You?”) or requires knowledge of any sport (except baseball). This week it was easy. Last Monday, Jimmy (my wonderful husband) informed me that it was the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Monkees’ TV debut and that I should post a quiz about that. I decided to post two….

The Monkees posing with one of the two statues their show won at the 1967 Emmys

First up, from  Lancaster Online, is a ten question quiz, “How well do you know the Monkees”, that includes some very obscure facts . Click here to take it. I only got five correct (50%).

Microsoft Entertainment posted a thirteen question quiz, “The Monkees: What’s the next lyric?”  I did a bit better on this one, 7 out of 13 (54%), but missed some lyrics to songs I thought were ingrained in my brain. Click here to take this quiz.


4 thoughts on “The Monkees

  1. It took three tries before the first one would load. Then I only got 4 correct. Pretty good considering I only knew one (the Neil Diamond one–the benefits of having a mother who is a superfan).

    The second one I got 6 correct. Since my Monkees knowledge comes exclusively from their ’80s revival, that’s not too bad.


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