Star Trek At Fifty 

This week’s quiz is from CNET.

Star Trek is as expansive as the universe itself. With six television series (and one on the way) and 13 feature films in the canon, it’s hard to know everything there is to know about the sci-fi franchise. The quiz spans a galaxy, from the exploits of Captain Kirk in the original series to the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” show due in 2017. 

Click here to take the quiz. You will probably do better than I.  After guessing wrong on the first 13 questions,  I finally guessed one correctly.  Then I actually knew an answer and obtained the score of 2 out of 15.  

In 1967 I had numerous nightmares starring the Gorn and have avoided Star Trek, as much as possible, ever since. 


3 thoughts on “Star Trek At Fifty 

  1. I got 12 which is ok even though I am a huge fan. I do know what you mean about the Gorn. I had nightmares about him too but I have nightmares about most like Godzilla


  2. 10/15. I watched TNG. Some of DS9. And some of the series that followed. Never the original, though. And it’s been a while. So, I’m quite happy with 10. I had no idea of the others.


  3. I got 12/15. The gorn has always made me laugh because the costume was so bad and he moved around so slowly. “Wait for me…I shall be merciful…and quick!” Star Trek TOS is my favorite TV show of all time!


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