Twitter Acronyms


Week 2 in a row where I stumbled across a quiz related to my work life. I will soon occasionally  be tweeting about things happening at my library.So after  The only things I’ve tweeted in the 3 1/2 years since joining up have been contest entries. (I didn’t win). On to the quiz.

If you live your best life on social media, there’s a possibility you’ll ace our quiz on Twitter acronyms and initialisms. If you’re still a bit cautious around social media, then some of these might trip you up…

While you’ll see these all over the Internet, their popularity on Twitter means we didn’t have to look far to find tweeters who’d used them.

Click here to take the quiz.  I got 100% which was a surprise. I was expecting a more difficult quiz from Oxford Word blog. But it’s not like I’ll remember them when it comes time to use them!


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