Are you a *true* Minnesotan?

OK, I realize that, at first, this quiz might not have much interest to anyone who doesn’t live here. But you never know…

You will be shown 50 items. Just click the boxes of those you have ever done. Make sure you scroll down far enough on the first page to get to where you can click on this box


In over 40 years of living in Minnesota, I’ve only done 27 of these things.Two-thirds of the people that have taken this quiz (probably almost all  Minnesotans) have done more.

Click here to get to the quiz  from the website of the newspaper from the other side of the river.



4 thoughts on “Are you a *true* Minnesotan?

  1. I’ve kind of done 7, but that’s if you kind of squint at a couple of those questions. Anything having to do with “frozen” was automatically out. Around these parts, if you want to see snow, you have to drive two hours on winding mountain roads…


  2. I got 34. Some of them I’ve only done once and probably won’t again; eating lutefisk in a church basement and ice fishing, for example.


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