How well do you know your slang?

How well do you know your American slang?

We give you the definition, you tell us the slang word. If you don’t do well on this, either you’re not American or you’re old.

If you pick wrong, keep picking until you get it right. You’ll then get a new question and one less possible answer.

Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my score of 71%. Since I’m American, I think that score may mean that I’m old.

How Many Canadian Slang Words Do You Know?

Click here to find out if you can understand Canadians. Some of these words are also used in Minnesota (at least the Northern part of the state) but I only got 14 out of 20 correct. Very forgiving quiz since I still managed to be…



Scots language (slang?) quiz

The Scots have a language all of their own! Do you know your gowk from your haver? Or your sleekit from your dreich? Click here to find out. I got 6 out of 10 correct (mostly by guessing – I think I knew 2) which at least rated ” Aye, nae bad! “.




4 thoughts on “How well do you know your slang?

  1. 93% for American slang. I am old, but I work with teenagers, and I listen. 11 for Canadian, which I think is excellent since I live nowhere near Canada. And for the Scots… 4. Good for me, considering it was all a guess.


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