Memorable TV Quizzes

This week’s quizzes are from MeTV (Memorable Entertainment Television) Network. .


Who appeared on Laverne & Shirley more, Lenny or Squiggy? We’ll give you two actors, and you have to guess which one appeared in more episodes of their series.

Sometimes an actor is lucky enough to have two prominent roles. In that case, we’ll give you the shows, and you have to figure out which one the actor appeared on more. And remember, just because a role is iconic, doesn’t mean it lasted long. Good luck!

Click here to take this quiz and see if you can beat my score of 10 out of 15.


Hello! Hey, Hey, Hey! And Nanu, Nanu. Welcome to our catchphrase challenge. These sayings swept the nation in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and became a part of the American vernacular. Let’s see how well you remember them. Just one more thing… We only provide you pictures to fill in the blanks. Tank you veddy much.

Click here to take this  easy quiz. I figure if I got a perfect score on TV quiz it must be easy!


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