Do You Know the Hits of the 80s?


It’s a 80’s rewind. You will be given lyrics (missing a key word or words) and the artist. Just pick which words correctly finish the lyrics, click next on the far right of the screen to find out if you were correct and then click next again to get to the next question.

If you don’t see the artist’s name on the screen, look at the URL. Sorry that you might have to close   some pop-up windows too.

Click here to take the quiz. I managed to get 21 correct and 3 wrong out of 25. Not quite sure what happened to the missing question.


4 thoughts on “Do You Know the Hits of the 80s?

  1. I got them all right. I was 10 when the 80s began, 20 when they ended, so I’m the prime age group to know all these songs. And they were all huge hits too. Some annoyingly so!


  2. Those pop ups are annoying. And I’m not in the mood to scroll, so I’m going to pass. I got the first two right before giving up. I probably know most of them. I was at the right age then.


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