Can we guess your age and income, based solely on the apps on your phone?

Last Monday, researchers from Finland and Qatar published a paper, You Are What Apps You Use: Demographic Prediction Based on User’s Apps, in the online journal arXiv.  The Washington Post pulled some data from that study and put together this quiz.

For each app, click “yes” if you have it and “no” if you don’t. If you don’t have one of the exact apps listed, but do have something very similar, you should still select “yes.” (For our purposes, there’s no real difference between Tinder and Hinge, for instance.)

Click here to take the quiz (32 apps are listed) and find out what the apps you use reveal about you.

I took the quiz twice. The first time I didn’t read the instructions above and only included the apps I actually have on my phone. The second time I looked up the description of the apps I wasn’t familiar with and followed the instructions. Both times I got the same result:

You’re either a married, middle-aged lady* … or you use your phone like one.

* for purposes of this study, defined as over the age of 32 (see page 2).

9 thoughts on “Can we guess your age and income, based solely on the apps on your phone?

    • After looking at Table 2 of the article, I’m pretty sure the only reason the test thinks I’m married is because I have the Pinterest app. And I only use that app to keep track of things for the library (displays, signage


      • Just looked again. I have Soundcloud, which is apparently single, though I hardly ever use it and I ticked Uber on the grounds that I don’t have it but I have another taxi-calling app. It’s also “single” so I’m wondering if it’s the same thing in the States! Perhaps I’ve ticked loads of things that aren’t what I think they are, and I’ve inadvertently ticked a load of dating sites…….


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