Do You Know Too Much About Pandas?

Tian Tian, the male giant panda at the Washington Zoo, really enjoyed the major snowfall DC received last week.

When we visited the zoo, almost 2 years ago, all Tian Tian did was pace.

More panda photos can be seen at the post Pandas at the Zoo

Once again I thought I’d do better on the weekly quiz than I did. You only need to get 6 questions correct (out of 10) to beat my score. Click here to take the quiz, “Do you know too much about Pandas?”.


5 thoughts on “Do You Know Too Much About Pandas?

  1. That video was cute! I’m glad he enjoyed the snow as I always feel sorry for captive animals. They often seem so bored. I knew nothing about the Washington pandas so guessed them all and got 3 – dismal. We have 2 pandas in Edinburgh, but they resolutely refuse to breed. People often joke that we have more pandas in Scotland than MPs of the UK ruling party! (There is one Conservative out of 59 Scottish MPs. Democracy in action.)


    • We had a great time watching these pandas last year at the Washington Zoo. My feelings about the animals at the zoo depends upon how they are treated and how they act. I did get very upset when I visited the Berlin Zoo in 1992. There was a bear just sitting in the middle of a small area with no shade. I wonder if it’s changed. They must be doing something right at the Washington Zoo since the adult pair have had at least 3 surviving cubs.

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