Are You Up To Speed On These Quirky Tech Stories Of 2015?

Another end of year quiz, this time from NPR.

The year 2015 brought us the Apple Watch, the rise of the “hoverboard” (but it doesn’t really hover, we know), lots of stories about virtual reality and self-driving cars and data breaches and encryption and copyright. … Well, you get the point.

NPR delivered a few quirky stories, too, and we’ve selected a few of the ones with memorable factoids (some of which were among All Tech’s top read posts) and turned them into a quiz. Do you think you can figure out the answers?


Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my embarrassing score of 30%. I guessed correctly on the question about the bears in Minnesota and 2 others.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!


4 thoughts on “Are You Up To Speed On These Quirky Tech Stories Of 2015?

  1. I’m worse – only 2 right. I even got one that I thought I knew wrong, about the 90 year old. I had read about her but forgot what she did and assumed she must be a programmer. The rest I guessed poorly.

    So far so good with the holiday season! Hope yours is going well too.


  2. I got 60%. One of the ones I got wrong was stupid on my part (when I saw the answer I realized I did know it), but several of the others were guesses. (Educated guesses, though.)


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