Design Your Own 18th Century Wig

In the late 18th Century, women’s hairstyles went crazy. To make these towering creations, hair was built up with padding and hair pieces. Gooey pastes made from pig fat kept everything in place.  A rich woman could spend all day with her hairdresser creating a huge hairstyle. Some designs created whole scenes. Others were inspired by recent crazes. The hair pieces and sticky paste were concealed by colored powders.

When  I read on Mental Floss that the Victoria & Albert museum had an interactive game where you could create your own 18th C. hairstyle, I had to try it out.  Which hairstyle do you prefer?

I much prefer the one on the right. You can design your own hairstyle at V&A Design a Wig.


2 thoughts on “Design Your Own 18th Century Wig

  1. Yeah, that one on the left… Um…

    This sounds a bit like something that’s going on in my novel. Not hairstyles, though. Nice to know there’s a historical precedent.


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