AMERICAN PATRIOT QUIZ Great Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.:

Born on December 8th, 1925, in New York City, Sammy Davis Jr. became an entertainment icon as a comedian, actor, singer, and dancer.  Click here to take the quiz and find out how much you know about this American Patriot.

Pres. Nixon w/ Sammy Davis Jr., new member of Nat’l Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. Photo by Marion S. Trikosko. July 1, 1971. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

I got 9 out of 10 correct. If I would have seen this picture before taking the quiz, I would have gotten a perfect score.


7 thoughts on “AMERICAN PATRIOT QUIZ Great Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.:

    • That’s a respectable score. I would have done worse except we sang “Candy Land” for my 6th grade choral recital and my husband is far too into anything that has to do with Las Vegas.

      I’m not sure how, but I deleted your comment thread last week. My husband didn’t get around to doing the quiz until the middle of the week and was worried not to have seen a comment by you.


  1. Congratulations to Jimmy and Birgit! When I was looking for quizzes to post this week, I started to get nervous. There were so many “The Hardest Star Wars Quiz Ever” quizzes out there! And hopefully I won’t delete anyone’s comment this week.


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