What Couldn’t Women Do in 1960?

Although not specified, the majority of these questions are about legal rights for women in the United States and have nothing to do with the TV show Mad Men.

I can’t remember how many questions there are (20?)… Click here to go to the quiz. Then

  • Click Yes or No to answer a “Could a” question
  • Click on the arrow to find out why your answer was correct or incorrect
  • Click on the arrow to go to the next question

I  scored 83% which made me a  “Women’s History Hotshot” and learned some women’s history.

4 thoughts on “What Couldn’t Women Do in 1960?

  1. I got 79% which is not bad considering I don’t know US law so it was all (fairly educated) guesswork. I don’t know if you’ve seen the film Suffragette, but at the end a list of countries scrolls up with the date women got the vote. In Switzerland it was 1973! An audible gasp went round the cinema.


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