Can You Pass An AP English Class?

Offering more than 30 subjects, the College Board’s Advanced Placement program enables students to pursue college-level studies — with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both — while still in high school.

This PlayBuzz quiz was written by Jack ONeil. His most recent quiz for PlayBuzz was “Can We Guess Your Age From Your Halloween Costume?”.

Move past grammar and spelling into reading comprehension! Do you have an advanced placement student’s knowledge of the English language?

Click here and then click on  “LET’S PLAY” to take the quiz and see if you too

 Have Mastered the English Language!

You either aced this mock-exam or got a lot more right than you did wrong, either way – Color us impressed! Your knowledge of the English language extends beyond a solid foundation of grammar and spelling, and into a finer understanding of syntax, diction, and rhetoric. Reading comprehension is also something you’re skilled with, something most who are take for granted. Try to keep those grammar-based pet peeves in check whilst sharing your vast knowledge with the rest of the world!

I have no idea how many questions I got right and also have no idea if this quiz in any way reflects an AP English class.


4 thoughts on “Can You Pass An AP English Class?

  1. I also got an A+. Don’t know why they couldn’t tell us how many we got right. English was always my best subject in school, but I’d be shocked if I got 100% on this. Plenty of guesses.

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  2. Since I actually did pass AP English (with a B, if memory serves) and got a 4 on the AP test… I got the A+. Wasn’t sure how much I’d remember. And the class has changed since I took it many eons ago.

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