What Book Should You Read This Fall?

This  week, instead of having a quiz already set up,  I’m actually writing this  Sunday evening and Sunday is the day that I set my reading  plan* for the  upcoming week.   Click here to take the quiz  What Book Should Your Read This Fall?

Randomly picking an answer for each question, since New England, Starting Something New, A Heavy Cardigan weren’t on the list of choices and none of the leaves or pumpkings really stood out,  I ended up with:


Hopefully, you will be able to find a book you are looking forward to reading.

  •  A little over a year ago, I realized that I was in a serious reading rut. Not a good thing for someone whose job description includes “provide readers advisory services to patrons of all ages”.  I’m very motivated by challenges so I decided to participate in the Fall 2014 Goodreads Seasonal Reading Challenge, and have continued each quarter. The Fall 2015 Challenge started on September 1st and fortunately, it was easy to find a spot for a couple of titles I had been patiently waiting for.

Go Set a Watchman fit perfectly into  the 15 point task Past & Present – Historical Fiction & published in the last year and Station and Station 11 meets both requirements of another 15 point task  The World Without End – Post-Apocalyptic published after December 2012.

Since 99% of the books I read (or listen to) come from the library,   I probably won’t get be reading Gold Fame Citrus until the winter challenge (I can’t even put the ebook for kindle  on hold  yet) but I’m really looking forward to reading the her earlier book Battleborn, a collection of short stories set in the American West.


7 thoughts on “What Book Should You Read This Fall?

  1. This is exactly why I usually don’t post BuzzFeed quizzes. I read the first couple of stories in Battleborn ( referenced above) this week, Claire Vaye Watkins is a powerful writer and I probably never would have read this book otherwise.

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