The Ultimate Bernie Taupin Lyrics Quiz

The website I’m linking to calls the quiz “The Ultimate Elton John Lyrics Quiz”. Did they figure that no-one would have any idea who Bernie Taupin was? I didn’t check that Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to every song on this quiz but I’m pretty sure that none were written by Elton John.

Everybody loves Elton John and we’ve been enjoying his fabulous music for decades. But how well do you know his music? Can you tell Circle Of Life and Can you Feel The Love Tonight apart? Do you know your Crocodile Rock from your Saturday Night’s Alright? Find out here!

Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my “Not Great” score of 7 out of 10. I knew the lyrics to all the songs that were on albums  released while I was in Jr. High School and none of the others.

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bernie Taupin Lyrics Quiz

  1. Well, this is where I usually suck since lyrics to the songs never go well with me and I am still proven right-I think I got 5 right and 3 of those were guesses


    • I only know lyrics of songs we listened to in Jr. High and unfortunately I also know all the lyrics to songs I hate from that time. We’d stay up for hours discussing lyrics, replaying parts of songs taped from the radio over and over to decipher them.


    • Elton John’s Greatest Hits was one of the first albums I ever bought. In addition to all the previous sleepover hours spent deciphering lyrics, I owned the liner notes. I can’t remember names of some of the people in photos from those years but lyrics from the early to mid 70s are stuck in my head.


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