Which MLB Park Are You?

Partially as an antidote to last weeks depressing quiz featuring quotes about horrible working situations and partially as a response to my husbands comment about a desire for more baseball quizzes, this silly quiz is from the web site of Major League Baseball.

Young children often say ridiculous things like, “There is a monster under the bed,” “I have an imaginary friend without eyes who visits me at night,” and “It’s okay to wear flip-flops in public.”

They also tend to have bizarre career aspirations. For every doctor and actor, there is the child that wants to be a fire truck or the summer breeze. And while we laugh at them and assume they’ll grow out of it, you know there are a few people out there still harboring that dream.

While we can’t help those kids, for those who grew up hoping to become a baseball stadium, today’s quiz is for you. Or, you know, if you’re the person who wants to see their personality reflected by a stadium, then this quiz is also for you.

Click here to take the quiz and find out which MLB Park you are. If you aren’t a baseball fan (and especially if you don’t play fantasy baseball), the following information might help:

  • FIP. Fielding Independent Pitching converts a pitcher’s three true outcomes into an earned run average-like number. The formula is (13*HR+3*BB-2*K)/IP, plus a constant (usually around 3.2) to put it on the same scale as earned run average.
  • GRIT is an acronym for Guts, Resolve, Instinct, and Toughness, and was devised by a team of aerospace engineers at NASA when the question arose of which baseball player would be most able to endure the 20 G centrifuge without fainting, power-vomiting, or sobbing uncontrollably.
  • Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is an attempt by the sabermetric baseball community to summarize a player’s total contributions to their team in one statistic. You should always use more than one metric at a time when evaluating players, but WAR is all-inclusive and provides a useful reference point for comparing players.
  • Walk up music is the song each ballplayer personally selects to be played as he walks up to the plate.
If I were a ballpark, I’d look like this.

My husband probably recognizes this ball park, but for everyone else my result was Dodger Stadium. “Laid back and relaxed, you’re summer every day and Vin Scully on the radio.”


4 thoughts on “Which MLB Park Are You?

  1. I got Wrigley Field. Probably because I picked a lake view (not that Wrigley has one, but it looked like Lake Michigan), a Chicago dog, and Bill Murray as my guest. Haven’t been there in a long time. Wouldn’t mind going back, but tickets are hard to come by and expensive- especially when the Cubs are playing well, as they are now.


  2. Marlins Park: “You’re bright and colorful and always the center of attention. You’re drawn to art and are occasionally misunderstood. You also go nuts every time a home run is hit.” Um, okay…


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