How Gullible Are You?

This weeks quiz is from MIRROR.CO.UK is the online edition of The Daily Mirror, Britain’s brightest tabloid newspaper. It is much more scientific than I expected.

You might think you already know what the world’s tallest mountain is, or how many ‘taste zones’ the tongue has, of what colours (or lack thereof) dogs can see.

You may have been taught some of these “facts” by your parents or teachers, but many of them are wrong.

This incredibly tricky quiz reveals the truth behind some of history’s biggest science myths – find out if you’ve been fooled all this time

Click here and scroll down to take the quiz and see if you can beat my “very respectable” score of 8 out of 11.


6 thoughts on “How Gullible Are You?

  1. But at least you have the ability to comment from the future. I really thought I set this up to be published in a few hours and your comment is time stamped 5 hours in the future. Or maybe there is something wrong with my time settings?

    Wow, I just found out that WordPress has time setting that are independent of computer time.


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