#1500 – Bruno and Buffy

As hard as it is to believe this is the one thousand, five hundredth post that I’ve published to this blog. When I noticed the published post count was getting close to this number I decided that I should acknowledge it in some way.

Pictures of the dogs I’ve lived with and loved (besides A for Angie and D for Darryl) seemed fitting. I might have posted these photos before but I’m too lazy at the moment to check.

Me (age 9?) with Bruno, the dog we got before I started school and who lived until a couple days before I started college in August 1980.


My dad with Buffy in the late summer/early fall of 1981. Buffy was an extremely cuddly pit bull. You really can’t tell from this photo how massive she was but it’s the only photo I have of her.

Hard as it is to believe, I didn’t live with a dog again until I got Darryl in 1994. I wasn’t a homebody during my 20s and I would have felt too guilty leaving the dog alone that much. For the first few years I had Darryl, I had dog walkers, the neighbor girl, my parents,  and Jimmy (after I met him in 1997) come over when I was at work for hours and hours (in my prior career).


4 thoughts on “#1500 – Bruno and Buffy

  1. We had a dog at home when I was a child, a Basset Hound called Mandy. She had her name when we got her, but I still can't meet a Mandy without thinking “that's a dog name”. Since then I've had two cats. A friend gave me a lovely notebook once and I decided to use it to write down all my cat memories. This was before I had a blog. I'd like to add it to a blog with pictures but it doesn't really fit in anywhere! This is the type of thing I wish I had one generic blog for. I keep thinking about merging them but it's just too much trouble!


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