Botanic Gardens

As pretty much all of you know, my A-Z challenge theme last year was “Things to do when visiting Washington DC” (and showing off my vacation pictures).   There was so much to see at the United States Botanic Garden I was able to use my pictures for 3 letters.  (Click here for a virtual tour of the US Botanic Garden)

For the letter B – Botanic Garden

For the letter O – Orchids at the Botanic Garden

And for the letter Y – Yucca and Other Ethno-Botanical Plants


5 thoughts on “Botanic Gardens

  1. I'm the same way. I was surprised that my poinsettia looked beautiful for four months this year. OK I have to admit my husband decided he better take responsibility for watering it. The only plant that thrives in my garden is lemon gem marigolds. They require no maintenance at all and bloom all summer. (they are small flowers on bushy foliage).


  2. I have killed all my house plants too! I love the orchid collage – we have orchids in our Botanic Garden, but nothing like that. Though once a year they have an orchid fair which is amazing.


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