Put Your German Skills to the Test

Test your German language skills with  The Local’s German odd word out quiz. You will be given a German word  and  four possible English translations. Three of the English words are correct translations for the German word and one is incorrect. You have to select the wrong answer. Good Luck! 

You will be asked to set up an account but it’s not required to take the quiz. I did not set up an account.  I think there are 10 questions and you get more points if you answer quickly. Click here to take the quiz and see if you can beat my score.

Although I took German in high school and college, I did not do very well in those courses and really don’t remember much.  For this quiz I relied on my knowledge of the English words.


6 thoughts on “Put Your German Skills to the Test

  1. I got one wrong and they said I was 31st. I didn't like the quiz. I would've preferred if they did it so that you identified the one word that is WAS and that there be no timer.


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