Medical Abbreviations

Proof that I have no ability to multitask. I have completely ignored this blog and other things in order to complete Donna’s 23 Mobile Things and meet the deadline of Midnight today. I’ll be posting the fun highlights here. But for now plan to get back to everything else besides trying out Android apps and writing up evaluations!
For now on to the quiz of the day.

These terms may have been shortened, but they have major meaning and save lives on a consistent basis. Operate on our quiz to highlight your knowledge of medical abbreviations. Whether you have extensive or small smarts about these terms this test is for you.

Click here to take the quiz.

I received this certificate for my efforts and was feeling pretty good about  it.

Then I saw that my even though I got this snazzy Certificate of Achievement I had failed the quiz. I only did as well as I did because my mother was a nurse and used some of these abbreviations in the notes she left for us.

Your Result
Result »    Fail

Your Score
69  /  100 Points ( 69% )
Answered Correctly
20 Questions
Answered Incorrectly
9 Questions
Passing Grade


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