Endangered Animals Quiz

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I’ve just been very busy evaluating Android apps for a continuing education thing I signed up for and then forgot about. The completion date is June 15. After that I’ll only have to post here which is far more entertaining!

Can you believe it’s been a little over a year since I resolved to post a quiz every Sunday? Hope you have enjoyed at least a few of them.  I plan on continuing to post a quiz every Sunday on this blog until the Internet runs out of quizzes or Google gets rid of Blogger.

The answer to the first question in this weeks quiz is in my Letter P post for this years A-Z challenge. Hope you get that one right!

The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad. Where do we stand? Face the facts with this quiz.

Click here to go to National Geographic and take the quiz. I scored 80% (8 out of 10 correct) which earned me “Congratulations”.


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