Two Library Related Quizzes for National Library Week

At the time this post shows up, National Library Week will be over. But as I’m writing this, it’s still going on. To celebrate  I’m sharing  two quizzes this week.

Quiz #1
I would have much rather posted a quiz titled “Which Library of Congress Call Number Are You?” but I couldn’t find one.

Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?

We know you love your library! Ever wonder what it would be like to become a book? Where would you be in the library? Which Dewey Decimal number would you be given? Take this quiz to find out!  

Created by EasyBib!

The format of this quiz will look extremely familiar to many people. It was created with PlayBuzz
This quiz requires absolutely no knowledge of  the Dewey Decimal Classification. If it did, I would have had to guess on every question. This is how I did.

 You got the 000’s – Generalities! You have a passion for general knowledge and information. You love locating information in books, reference works, and on the computer. You also enjoy keeping up to date with current events. Let’s face it, information is your life! And you love it!

Click here to take the quiz and here if you want to create your own Buzz Quiz.

Quiz #2
Every day The Guardian posts a 10 question quiz on its website. Every Friday, they post a quiz submitted by readers. In this quiz, Leigh Billings and Mya Gosling test you on everything you might know about libraries.

How Much Do You Know About Libraries?

I really thought I would do better than 6 out of a possible 10! Well at least I beat the average score of 4. The interpretation of a score of 6 is:

Very good – you’re probably not a librarian, but I bet you’ve spent your fair share of time in them

Click here to take the quiz.  If anyone gets a 7, please do let me know if that makes you “probably a librarian”.

 If you would like a chance to set one of the weekly quizzes on The Guardian, email 10 questions to along with your name, and they may be used in the weekly Friday readers’ edition


7 thoughts on “Two Library Related Quizzes for National Library Week

  1. I got 300s – Sicial Sciences. I had taken the other quiz before – it did the rounds of my Twitter friends at the time. I still only got 7 “you are probably not a librarian but have spent a lot of time in libraries” – this is quite sad, because I AM a librarian!

    Anabel at Anabel's Travel Blog


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