Washington DC, A to Z: Botanic Garden

When Jimmy and I visited the Conservatory of the United States Botanic Garden  the seasonal exhibit was Orchid Symphony.  

The Website for the Botanic Garden describes the Orchid Symphony as
“Exuberant Displays of Orchids Nestled Among Whimsical Topiaries”

The seasonal exhibit is a very small part of what you can see at the Conservatory. When I noticed the very tall tree pictured below, I had to walk all the back across the Conservatory to find out what it was.

With all the chocolate I eat, I really should have recognized this tree.
Theobroma cacao aka the cacao tree

Click here to see pages and pages of pictures of plants that are currently in bloom. The Botanic Garden also includes 2 outside gardens. Since there was snow on the ground the day we stopped by, we didn’t even check to see if they were open for the season.

If you go to DC, the Botanic Garden is conveniently located just southwest of the Capital and admission is free.  There isn’t a restaurant or a gift shop but there are restrooms and a water fountain.

Click here to take virtual tours of  the various rooms in the Conservatory and the outdoor gardens (as they are in the summertime).


8 thoughts on “Washington DC, A to Z: Botanic Garden

  1. Thanks everyone for your very nice comments. There is so much to do nearby that as wonderful as it is, the botanical garden doesn't make most lists of top things to do in DC. Even on a cold wintery afternoon there were plenty of places to sit and relax. Although I should mention that we timed our visit to be before the crowds start coming in to see the cherry blossoms.


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