How People Who Live in Other States View Minnesota

Business Insider asked 1603 people to answer 22 questions with a state that wasn’t their own. The poll was carried out using SurveyMonkey’s Audience feature, which was more accurate predicting the 2012 election than numerous traditional pollsters.

Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. Trailing close behind are Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

I bet if you asked 100 Minnesotans, at least 90 would deny they had an accent. Maybe a lot of people think Fargo is in Minnesota.

Georgia is the nicest, followed by Minnesota. The South gets high marks here, potentially because the rest of the country doesn’t understand that “Bless your heart” is facetious.

I really think  The Mary Tyler Moore Show has something to do with this. If you don’t believe me, click here and watch an episode.

While this was the most competitive category by far, people seem to believe that Oregon, Alaska and Maine are the most underrated. 

Minnesota didn’t get enough votes to get colored beyond pale in any of the other questions. Click here to see all the results.


One thought on “How People Who Live in Other States View Minnesota

  1. People who grew up in the Twin Cities don't tend to have the thick annoying Fargo accents. But I notice it in the out-state rural towns quite a bit and in people from there.


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