Anton Wallén created GeoGuessr, a game where you are shown 5 images from Google Maps Street View and you have to guess the location by clicking on a world map.You can zoom in on the map to more accurately make your pick. Here are the rules of the game from the help tab:

Click anywhere to start playing!
1. Look at the area and figure out where you are
2. Click the map to place your guess marker
3. Click button to guess

As you can see from the below maps (my guesses are in red, the actual location is in green) I have no idea what South America looks like.

7439 points

6237 points

7022 points


2 thoughts on “GeoGuesser

  1. I played several games a few weeks ago. It seemed that most locations were in Australia, the Ukraine, and Brazil. If I saw Cyrillic signage, I just slapped a dot in the Ukraine and I was almost right. I also discovered that Canada and parts of Australia are REALLY remote! It was fun for a while.


  2. It might be that the locations aren't sorted very well. I just tried 3 more games and got mostly locations in the United States, Scandinavia and eastern Asia. I agree, it's fun for a while.


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