What’s Your Dream Home Destination?

If money were no object, where would you live? If you can’t decide between a mountain getaway and a coastal retreat, take this quiz to determine the perfect place for you.

Discover the best place to live, based on your personality.

Based on my answers to 7  multiple choice questions at  HGTV Dream Home, it was determined that 

Your Dream Home Destination is:Rugged Coast or Mountains

You are a deep thinker, someone who appreciates the beauty of nature and the quiet of early morning. Your Dream Home Destination should soothe your soul and inspire creativity. Consider the rugged coast of Maine or Wisconsin, or the mountains of Tennessee or Colorado.
I wouldn’t classify myself as a deep thinker and I don’t think I’d be happy living away from a big city,  but I do really like rugged coasts and mountains. Which of the four results is your dream home destination? Does it make sense?
I’m not sure what to call Sunday posts but on Sundays I will post something where you are given a link to another site where you can do something. It could be a quiz. It could be a virtual tour. Or it could be something else.

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