E is for Engine Dogs

Why anyone, let alone 3 different people, would design engines that run off dog power is beyond me. I don’t think any of these contraptions ever made it past the drawing board, but they were all published in Scientific magazines. At least they were described as a “bad idea” or “odd vehicle”.

 Scientific American Supplement, 10 August 1895

Popular Science, September 1933 (patented 1880)
Popular Science, November 1939

You can read scanned in copies of the short Popular Science articles at PopSci Archives. More information about the first engine can be found in the following article:

The Indredible and Useless Dog Engines of 1895 and 1939

The History of Ideas Blog
JF Ptak Science Books   Post 797 (Sept 2009) Extended. 
All images were obtained from the above referenced article. The History of Ideas Blog by John Ptak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

4 thoughts on “E is for Engine Dogs

  1. Thanks for stopping by Wittbits. Looks like your blog has currently gone to the dogs… I mean that in a good way : ) Funny how we start one place and end up all over the map. Guess that's what keeps up interesting!


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