B is for Babies and Dogs

J.M. Barrie wrote the play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up in 1904. Barrie  revised the play for years; the novel, first published in 1911, reflects one version of the story. The Darling children’s nanny, Nana, was a Newfoundland based on J.M. Barrie’s male dog Luath   This dog is much smaller than a Newfoundland, but in this picture it looks as though it is looking out for the baby.

Baby and a Dog on a Sailing Ship
Photographer: Samuel J. Hood
Australian National Maritime Museum, Object no. 00023789

If you search the Internet for Nanny dogs you will find numerous photos of pitbulls with children and articles such as this one (which includes many of those pictures) that attempt to counter all the bad press pit bulls get. This was the only other image of a baby and a dog that I was able to find.  That collar scares me much more than the dog!
Pitbull with Baby
Photographer: Henry J. Walker

Sources of Photographs:
  • Baby and Boat on a Sailing Ship –  Australian National Maritime Museum on Flickr Commons. The museum undertakes research and accepts public comments that enhance the information they hold about images in their collection. No known copyright restrictions.
  • Pitbull with Baby – Wikimedia Commons, copyright has expired.

5 thoughts on “B is for Babies and Dogs

  1. I like pitbulls too and actually used to own a very sweet one whose biggest fault was that she always wanted to sleep on my lap. I'm not anti-pitbull (or any breed). I just wish one of these websites would provide the source of “nanny dogs”, links to source of photos, etc.


  2. I will love following your postings of vintage dog pictures. It is such a novel idea for the Challenge.

    I am guessing you like dogs, so you may already know that certain breeds are more people aggressive (and make good guard dogs) and other breeds are more dog aggressive (and so end up being used in dog fighting). I certainly don't agree with dog fighting, but that is part of the reason for the bad reputation of pit bulls.

    I had never heard the term nanny dogs before. I will have to look more into the concept some time. Of course, as the first comment pointed out, leaving a small child alone with a dog is not a good idea due to differences in behavioral responses.

    Great post!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living


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