Behind The Falls

I live less than 3 miles from Minnehaha Falls and I’ve seen it frozen solid.  I had no idea how beautiful the cave formed by the frozen waterfall was until I read a post  from The World Geography blog ( I have no idea who writes this blog) that was linked to in a  post on The Presurfer blog (which is written by Gerard Vlemmings who lives in the Netherlands).

Near where the Minnehaha Creek meets the Mississippi River, a 53 ft (16m) waterfall that freezes during the winter creates a temporary cave behind a wall of ice. Due to the extremely cold temperatures in the area during the winter months, the falls freeze, creating a dramatic cascade of ice that can last well into the spring.

Minnehaha Creek is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota that extends from Lake Minnetonka in the west and flows east for 22 miles through several suburbs west of Minneapolis and then through south Minneapolis. Including Lake Minnetonka, the watershed for the creek covers 181 square miles.

The creek might have been unremarkable except for the 53 foot (16m) Minnehaha Falls located near the creek’s confluence with the Mississippi. The site is not far from Fort Snelling, one of the earliest white settlements in the region.
You can read about and see some wonderful pictures of 10 other caves that are located nowhere near where I live at 11 Unusual Caves Around The World.

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