Food Fads of the ’60s and ’70s

Those of us born near the end of the Baby Boom were a bit young to be hippies, war protesters, or racial rioters. But life was exciting all the same! America was accelerating its space program, Andy Warhol was elevating Campbell soup cans and Coke bottles to artistic heights, and moms across the country were impressing party guests with soufflés and flambés that made Julia Child proud. We had plenty of food fads to spice up our lives in the sixties and early seventies.

If you remember when McDonald’s boasted of having served one billion burgers, you should be a whiz with this quiz. For the younger set, the recent re-emergence of some of these trendy tidbits might help clue you in—and inspire your next trip to the grocery store.

I got 8 out of 9 correct (89%).  If you recognize this image, you’ll probably get the one I missed.

Take the Quiz: Food Fads of the ’60s and ’70s


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