Happy National Skyscraper Day!

Celebrate Labor Day by honoring the labor of the construction workers and engineers who built the world’s modern architectural wonders. One European real estate data company defines a skyscraper as at least 330 feet, while in the United States a building starts to qualify around 500 feet. But, really, any building that towers above its skyline can count if you’re looking to do some gazing in your hometown. If you want to take this holiday international, the tallest building in the world is actually the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – standing at a staggering 2,723 feet.  You can read about 14 other offbeat holidays to celebrate in September at Mental Floss.

In the above picture, the Foshay Tower looks as if it would qualify as a skyscraper. At 448 feet it doesn’t meet the requirements and, according to Wikipedia, is only the 16th tallest building in Minneapolis .  As far as I know, it is the one with an observation deck at the top.

At 792 feet the IDS Tower is the tallest building in Minneapolis (and Minnesota) and has been since 1973


Capella Tower, the second-tallest building in Minneapolis

At 774 feet (one foot shorter than the Capella Tower), the Wells Fargo Center is the third-tallest building in Minneapolis.

I took the above pictures on a very sunny afternoon this summer when Jimmy and I took advantage of the Melsa Museum Pass program and got into the Foshay Museum and Observation Deck free. ( I’m really going to miss that program.)


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