Mugshot Yourself

The face of history is not in the well-preserved faces of the famous, but in the remains of those who lived in the moment. Join them here, find your place among them. 

Here, the moment is 1864, and here are the faces of their time, captured on film by lawmen and flatfoots. Con men, petty thieves, prostitutes… Oh, and you.

Meet 1864’s greatest rogues, then become one yourself.

Here’s me. Not my favorite of the 15 woman available but the only one whose eyes were spaced the same as mine.

A couple of hints if you want to do this yourself.

  • Believe what the site says and don’t smile. I tried this with the standard photo I use for these things and the smile ruined the photo merge.
  • The site says it likes photos that are at least 200 x 200. It doesn’t mention that it doesn’t like pictures much bigger than that. It just spins and spins and spins.
  • There are 36 different male mugshots available. It might be easier to match your face there.
Mugshot Yourself at the website for the new TV show Copper. I rarely watch TV so I probably won’t be seeing any episodes. If you get BBC America and watched the first episode on Sunday, please let me know how it was.

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