Power Searching Images

I just finished a free online Google Power Searching class.

I already knew most of the stuff covered in the class but the time I spent was worth it just because of one thing I didn’t previously know. You can search google images by image! I took a bunch of pictures (including the blurry picture of a statue below) in a church in Naples, Italy  but couldn’t remember the name of the church.

I saved  a copy of the photo to the desktop and dragged the image into the search box on the google image search page, I got the following information.

I clicked on the link angelo custode and added Naples to the search. I clicked on the Wikipedia entry, right clicked and picked  translate to English and found out that

The ‘ Guardian Angel is a marble sculpture (h 190 cm) of Domenico Antonio Vaccaro , dating back to 1724 or so and kept in the basilica of San Paolo Maggiore in Naples .  The work is considered one of the most important sculptural achievements of seven hundred Neapolitan, except of course that of the Veiled Christ of Sanmartino and the remaining group of sculptures of San Severo Chapel (the Modesty and Disillusion at all).

To check the result, I did an image search for San Paolo Maggiore. That was where we were. (We got lost and a very nice Portuguese woman who was studying in Naples helped us find the church that we were looking for but had us stop here first because it was her favorite.)

You can also use this trick to identify flowers, tools, the source of an image, and many other things.


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