Track Listing: Another Numerical Edition

Another week, another party, another playlist that needs ordering. You are given a snippet of a lyric that refers to a number and it’s up to you to put the songs in numerical order.

And remember, it’s the number referred to in the lyric, which may not be the same as one in the title of the song.

So if a lyric hypothetically refers to the number 4, that’s the number you want to use.

Take the quiz.

There are 8 questions. For each you are given 3 sentences with an artist name and a reference to a lyric. Then you have to chose between 4 (of the 6) possible orders of the numbers referred to. In each case, I knew 2 of the songs and was able to approximate the third.


One thought on “Track Listing: Another Numerical Edition

  1. I'm proud to say I got all eight right. It helps that I recently became familiar with those two Johnny Cash titles that I didn't know before.


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