50 Iconic State Foods

Yum Sugar has come up with a list of the iconic food that represents each state. In most cases the food they picked is the food I think of when I think of the state.

Alaska: King Crab Legs With Butter
 Prized Alaskan king crabs found in the Atlantic Ocean are expensive due to their scarcity and because king crab fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Georgia: Peach Pie
Franciscan monks introduced peaches to Georgia’s coast in 1571, and since then, Georgia has been famous for the sweet, fleshy fruit. Buttery, flaky, and oozing with juices, peach pie is the way to cook overly ripened fruit.

Massachusetts: New England Clam Chowder
With miles of coastline, Massachusetts is known for its exceptionally fresh seafood. Naturally, New England clam chowder is a regional favorite.

Oregon: Marionberry Pie
The marionberry is a hybrid berry developed by the USDA and Oregon State University in 1956. Half of Oregon’s blackberries are this varietal, making it the most common blackberry type grown in the US. 

Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteaks
Philly cheesesteaks, the icon of Philadelphia, consist of a long, crunchy roll filled with thin slices of rib-eye beef and melted cheese, typically provolone. They were invented by hot dog vendor Pat Olivieri in 1930. 

I was expecting donuts for New Jersey (I’ve read too many Janet Evonivich novels) or maybe Salt Water Taffy (it was invented there) but I understand why Grinders was picked. That’s what I ordered for my first meal in New Jersey.

But I don’t understand the choice for Minnesota.

Walleye would have made sense. It is the state fish and  approximately 485,000 of the approximately 747,000 search results for the phrase “walleye dinner” include the word Minnesota.

Wild Rice would have made sense except there’s too many variations. Wild Rice Stuffing? Wild Rice Casserole? Wild Rice Salad?

Instead, what Yum Sugar picked for the food that represents Minnesota is….

Minnesota: Juicy Lucy

Two bars in Minneapolis claimed to have invented the Jucy Lucy or Juicy Lucy. The burger is stuffed with cheese then cooked, thus the melted, molten cheese that oozes out with each bite.

Since both bars are within 3 miles from my house, I noticed that  the picture used on the web site isn’t from either Matt’s Bar or the 5-8 Club.  You can see both in this video that I found since I couldn’t remember which bar won the Food Wars contest. By scrolling to the end, I quickly found out it was Matt’s Jucy Lucy.

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