Happy 4th of July

I had the day off today. Since it’s too hot to do anything outside I spent some time organizing my photos from our last vacation. Today’s lead story from This Day In History occurred in Philadelphia,  so I figured it was time I get some pictures from our afternoon there up on Flickr. (Actually Jimmy mentioned that I should post pictures from Philadelphia in honor of the 4th of July).

 You can see the top 23 unedited photos here.  I’m not in any of the photos. I also wasn’t in any of the other 55 photos taken with my camera that day. Unless Jimmy took a picture of me with his cell phone, there is no proof that I was in Philadelphia in 2012.

There once was a picture of me and my brother at the Liberty Bell. I think it’s in one of the photo albums at my parents house. It’s probably from the same trip to Pennsylvania as this one taken at Washington Crossing Historic Park about 40 years ago. My friend Anna and I made a diorama of Washington crossing the Delaware for a 4th grade project. I don’t think anyone took a picture of it.

Hope you had a very happy 4th of July and are keeping cool!


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