Accident Report and Damages

I went downtown today to get a copy of the accident report for the insurance company. (Jimmy couldn’t do it for me since he wasn’t in the accident). Minneapolis City Hall is my favorite building downtown but it’s really hard to get a picture of it. There are far too many tall buildings surrounding it so here’s one from the Minnesota Historical Society.

Courthouse and City Hall, Minneapolis
Photographer: Norton & Peel 
Minnesota Historical Society Photograph Collection 6/11/1958

I did snap this picture of the bronze statue of Hubert H. Humphrey while walking past.

Can you tell that it’s raining? I really like the HHR rental car the insurance company provided me with. Here’s my first attempt at parallel parking (and in downtown traffic). Unfortunately it’s a bit big to fit in the garage along with Jimmy’s car.

The accident report was pretty dry. He was distracted, ran a red light and my car spun around. I was surprised to see his age. He looked quite a bit older than 30. His address is in a town of less than 3,000 people about 10 minutes from the Canadian border.

And just as I figured, my car is totaled.


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