T-Bone Collision

I had never heard the term t-bone collision until I read it on the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Report I’m in the process of filling out. I’m fine only vehicles were damaged.

NOT MY CAR. I found this image of T-Bone collision from google. My PT Cruiser is vanilla not silver. I don’t live in Seattle. I wasn’t t-boned by the light rail. It’s just hard to see what happened from the pictures I took.

I was on my way to work yesterday and the driver in front of me was making me nervous. He stopped at a  green light then drove through a red light… I decided I didn’t want to be witness to an accident so instead of continuing on 38th Street to Lyndale, I decided to take a right on 1st Avenue, planning to then take a left on 35th.

I didn’t make it. This is the map of intersection of 36th Street and 1st Avenue. 1st Avenue is a one way going north with one lane for cars and one for bikes. 36th Street is a one way going west with 2 lanes for cars and one for bikes. There’s a light at the intersection.

I had a green light. There was a car stopped at the light in one of the lanes on 36th. I was going about 20 mph.  I was t-boned at approximately the A. After spinning around, my car came to rest here.

Both the woman in the car that was stopped at the light and the man who ran the light and hit me were almost to my car when it stopped spinning. It ended up on 36th Street facing the wrong way. Unless they planted a new tree since the time picture for google maps was taken, I ended up right where the red van is. The bike lanes on 1st Avenue opened last October and aren’t on the map.
I’m very fortunate that my car didn’t smash into anything and very grateful that no bicyclists were around. One of my coworkers commutes by bike. He was on 35th Ave(the one way going west) when the accident happened.
The drivers window works. I was able to roll it down after the accident. The drivers door doesn’t open. I put the seat back and crawled over and got out the passenger side. The back wheel is busted. We didn’t look underneath. (I called Jimmy right after it happened and he came and dealt with calling the insurance and gave me a ride to work once the tow truck came).

This is the car that hit me and the pile of things that fell off it that the driver picked up from the intersection. I’m not sure what he was doing that he missed the light.  Especially with the other car already stopped. It wasn’t a young kid. Just a guy who’s been living in New York City for a long time. The car belongs to his mother.

Hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow whether the car can be fixed and get a copy of the accident report. The woman who was stopped at the light also called in late to work and gave the most accurate description of what happened.

I don’t want to get a new car! I got this one in April 2007 to replace the this one that was totaled when I was rear ended at a stop light by a vehicle fleeing from the police. (I wasn’t hurt then either.)


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